S 200/300 Series

The S 200/300 Series is designed for any external and internal application. The overall U value of 1.6Wm2k makes it suitable for all general purpose commercial or industrial applications.

The Door leaf is manufactured from two 1.2mm galvanized steel skins, inherently fire resistant, folded and welded to form a strong and rigid 45mm thick door leaf, with internal vertical channels bonded for torsional load performance.  There are two horizontal channels within the leaf to close off the top and bottom edges.  The spine is reinforced by a vertical channel and hinge mounting plates welded within the leaf.  Anti-jemmy flanges to the leading edge and top of the leaf provide excellent jimmy resistance.

90mm frames are folded from 1.6mm galvanized steel to form a single rebated profile.  Profiles headers form a smooth butt joint with the full height vertical posts and are welded together to provide positive rigidity. 

Fire Rating

All Our S 200 Series Doors are built to withstand 4 hours of fire in accordance with BS EN 1634-1: 2000 & BS 476 Part 22.

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